Thursday, May 26, 2011

Deathcon Minecraft Server update to 1.6 -- soon

@Notch has just tweeted that Mojang has released a new and long awaited update to Minecraft. As usual, being the Minecraft fanatic that I am, I rush to the Minecraft download page to download the newest .jar when I realize something: we are now using Bukkit.

Bukkit is an exceptionally great server mod that allows plugins to be installed with ease. With the original Minecraft if you were to install a plugin (or mods as they are called in this case) you would need to edit the minecraft_server.jar file directly, whereas with Bukkit you just need to place the plugin files in the plugin folder. The Bukkit Team has to take Mojang's minecraft server file and make it Bukkit Plugin compatible, which takes time.

We will not be updating our Minecraft server until the newest version of Bukkit comes out, also when a compatible version of Runecraft, and Zombe's Mod Pack. If you intend to join our server before the aforementioned mods come out do NOT update your client to 1.6 as of right now. 


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