Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Supposedly "open source" Linux app market

Has any one noticed that in Natty Narwhals (11.04) the in the software center that Ubuntu is now charging for certain items. Check this screen shot in my picasa and be amazed at the free open source charge. App market hope this link works.


  1. Yes, the Ubuntu Software Center does have a section for paid apps. I do also believe that it should have a section on the main page for it too. The "paid apps" section is a great way for non linux developers to look at linux in a different way and see that there is a chance for them to make a profit. This will attract more developers (hello ADOBE!!!) to make applications for Ubuntu/Linux giving it more support. So some may think that the paid app is a bad thing for Ubuntu, but I believe that this will make it's market share grow.

  2. Spot on Mason, free and open source is what a lot advocate, but I also have to agree with Bailey. Game and expensive app developers need a way to pay the bills while they are writing code.

    Should be interesting to see how well the Linux using community embraces the idea.

  3. i do see both your points, but in the modding and gaming community when people put the man hours into a good game/mod then people play it a lot and the creator askes for donations to keep him "motivated", so i think the even open source still gets money even if the app is free.